About us


We are two sisters, Kellie and Abbie, who love all things baby. When I was 3 years old, my little sister Abbie was born with an extremely rare condition of diaphragmatic hernia. There was a hole in her diaphragm that pushed all her intestines into her heart area. Abbie's condition was not picked up until 12 whole hours after her birth, astounding the doctors that she had managed to survive this long. It was a miracle from God that a passing midwife asked to take an X-ray.

before sending us home, and the hernia was discovered. She was immediately flown to the Royal Children's Hospital and underwent emergency surgery. 

During Abbie's recovery, I spent a lot of time in the New Born Intensive Care Unit and I just fell in love with babies. I absolutely loved seeing Abbie and helping our parents take care of her. From then on I had a passion for babies and when I was seven years old I dreamed of owning my own online business to sell baby products. Abbie soon joined in with my passion and here we are aged 13 and 16, two sisters with our business